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About Us:

Creative house of contemporary and exclusive design derived from the mangrove.


Casa do Cacete is made up of illustrators from the Naturalist Art project, an action of creative economy and environmental education developed by IPTI - Institute for Research on Technology and Innovation, in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Sergipe.

The Naturalistic Art project is a social technology that identifies and develops local talent in drawing, educating future illustrators with qualifications in different illustration techniques (watercolour, pointillism, graffiti and pastel) and developing skills for thinking business with high potential, based on the principles of creative economy, in areas such as fashion, graphic design, industrial design, among others.


Therefore, in 2015, moved by a passion for drawing, Casa do Cacete was born. Our goal is to produce art and establish a dialogue with the world without borders. In fact, this is the origin of our name. Because here in Sergipe when we say “é lá na casa do cacete” we refer to a place far away. With this new point of view about ourselves, on our mangrove and its legends, colours and smells, we recognize each other in Crasto forest. We want, with our work, to think of partnerships that allow reflection on the preservation of the mangrove ecosystem and collaborate with the social and economic development of Santa Luzia do Itanhy.


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