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The Muralist Project is an initiative of social transformation through art.

Created by Daniel Moraes - visual artist and founder of Creativo Graphique - it aims to promote and encourage socially impactful creative processes that involve large-scale illustration and drawing - murals! -, working with people and organizations from diversed fields and areas.

In June 2019, with the artistic direction and coordination of Daniel Moraes, the Casa do Cacete members - Genisson Cardozo and Matheus Gladiston - together made three murals totalizing over 220m² in the region of Santa Luzia do Itanhy / SE.

The project’s goal was to broaden the artists' knowledge with new illustration techniques, and make way for new business partnerships. Besides that, the action focused on getting new adolescents and young people in the region interested to learn painting techniques offered by the Naturalist Art project, developed by IPTI - Institute for Research on Technology and Innovation.

We believe that education is the path to development, and the Muralist Project will give visibility to the actions developed by Casa do Cacete within the community itself.

To make it happen, we had the support of several collaborators, who contributed by acquiring PRINT CASA DO CACETE - Edition 01, which has drawings in pointillism with black ink of some species present in the mangrove ecosystem.

A special thank you to all our supporters:

Rafael Bertani

Isaac Roitman

Guilherme Maia

Camila Moraes

Hélio Mosquim

Oskar Metsavaht

Michelle Schneider

Thiago Cremasco

Pilar Lemos

Livia Gama

Silmara Watari

Samara Krauss

Raquel Figueiredo

Paulo Ney de Souza

Victor Ludvic

Martina Veigas

Lilia Maria

Edlange Lopes

Saulo Barreto

Pedro Gomez

Farneti Blandini

Ana Mitzakoff

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