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 SERES IMAGINÁRIOS (Imaginary Creatures) - 2021- 2022

The social technology Arte Naturalista, by IPTI,  is an action of creative economy and environmental education through art, with the objective of promoting and encouraging creative processes with social impact that involve illustration and drawing. Aiming to expand knowledge and explore other possibilities in the use of traditional techniques of drawing and painting, the Institute periodically offers workshops and exchanges with renowned artists, for students who participate in the Arte Naturalista project. 

The Seres Imaginários (Imaginary Creatures) workshop, taught by visual artists Ronaldo Fraga and Miro Dantas was part of this learning process, and presented  as a proposal a broadening of the gaze of these young people beyond the botanical illustration, suggesting a new perception of human nature and their monsters.. 
The objective was to initially train a group of 10 teenagers selected by Casa do Cacete, from different towns in Santa Luzia do Itanhy/SE, to learn new techniques in visual arts and develop a look at the beauty and elements of the mangrove ecosystem. Each of these students will act as a multiplier of techniques for 100 new students, under the supervision of Casa do Cacete and IPTI. 

There will be 3 workshops by Ronaldo Fraga and Miro Dantas and as a result of the process we expect to launch  Ronaldo Fraga collection launched at São Paulo Fashion Week, and to launch a new collection of Casa do Cacete products.

Four-step workshop​ 


The workshop had four stages focusing on the following techniques: drawing, painting with watercolor pencils and digital painting. The classes took place in the village of Crasto, in the space attached to the Luminescence Library, and also in open spaces, taking advantage of the richness of the local landscape. 


​The first workshop was held on March 8, 9, 10 and 11, 2021. Young people who have already gone through some phase of the Naturalist Art project in previous years and who showed interest in continuing their learning were selected. In all, 10 students were selected, including teenagers and young people. The workshop offered graphite drawing techniques.​ 


The second stage was carried out on August 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2021. Continuing the creative process, students received lessons in painting techniques with watercolor pencils.​


The third and fourth steps were directed to digital painting techniques supported by iPads and the App Procreate tool.


Here you can follow the results of the Workshops, an incredible experience that will leverage a series of benefits for young people and teenagers in Santa Luzia do Itanhy and open up new work and income opportunities. 

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