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Community Innovation Award, OP (Outra Parada), sponsored by BrazilFoundation

Winner of the 5th A Casa Award - Brazilian Object Museum in the Socio-Environmental Action category

3rd place in the Von Martius Sustainability Award, 2016 Edition, Category: Nature


Saulo Barreto

Débora Bahia

Suzana Vasconcelos

Daniel Moraes

Alex Carvalho


Osklen - Patterns Summer Collection / 2019

Osklen and Instituto-E, in partnership with IPTI and Casa do Cacete, realized a 4-hand project for the brand's summer and high summer collection. This exchange of experience and knowledge has resulted in the co-creation of prints that result in the beautiful prints of the ASAP Oceans Summer 19 collection.

Alpha'a Inc - partnership with designer Daniel Moraes in the creation of prints for interior decoration products August / 2018

Morena Rosa - partnership with Morena Rosa group, with the support of BrazilFoundation, through the Community Innovation Award, to execute a workshop and create winter / 2017 collection prints

Banese - partnership with Instituto Banese and designer Daniel Moraes to create a custom kit for institutional relationship action December / 2017

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