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Fashion Collection



Casa do Cacete product line that was created from various actions of the Muralist Project conceived by designer Daniel Moraes and executed in partnership with the Casa do Cacete collective, in a collaborative process with the community of the people of Santa Luzia do Itanhy - SE / Brazil, between June and July 2019.

Inspired by the local fauna and flora, the Muralist Project produced, in 45 days, 3 large hand-painted murals by Matheus Glaudiston Pereira (Botanical Illustrator of Naturalist Art - Sergipe, 1997), Genisson Cardoso (Botanical Illustrator Naturalist Art - Sergipe, 1995) and Daniel Moraes (visual artist - São Paulo, 1981).

From this experience among participants and the community, artistic techniques were put into practice  and transformed the local landscape. The result of all this was the starting point for the new Casa do Cacete Collection featuring products that bring the essence of creative education with the appreciation of the artistic and creative potential of the area.

The  suppliers' and partners' choice in order to produce products has prioritized working with people and companies that have good social sustainability practices.


 For this first collection, we received the support of Lorinvest, contributing financially and believing that our history and our business potential will be able to inspire the next generations of entrepreneurs in our region.

Artistic direction and pattern designer:

Daniel moraes


Daniel Moraes

Genisson Cardoso

Matheus Glaudiston 

Executive production:

Débora Bahia

Suzana Vasconcelos






Mara Adeli Atelier 

The backpacks and necessaires were made by Ateliê Mara Adell, a collaborative space for sustainable sewing, which generates income and empowers women in socially vulnerable situations, in Serra da Misericórdia, in Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro / RJ.


Werner Tecidos

The silk fabric used in the products was made at Werner Fabrics, which since 1904 has helped to write the history of silk in Brazil. Founded in the Bingen neighborhood of Petrópolis, Werner was born in an environment where nature is very generous in its shapes and colors. Strict quality standards have ensured that even today Werner will continue to produce the highest quality fabrics for major fashion brands. 


Paulo Zyngier

The t-shirts were custom made in cotton, taking advantage of designer Paulo Zyngier's experience in major brands in the country to ensure the best cut, sewing and finishing.



Naná Almeida:

Designer and seamstress Naná Almeida has consulted for the development of two products: scarves and straw bags. Naná is the creator of the Dandara project, which developed a collection with homeless people of the Occupation Beatriz Nascimento, in the outskirts of Aracaju / SE, using upcycling techniques.


The Private Apple
The Private Apple showroom and e-shop will be our exclusive representative in NYC. Mixing local brands with other Brazilian specials, Private Apple is curated by Nana Cunha and Paula Gartenkraut.  



Alex Carvalho, graphic design, is a collaborator of Casa do Cacete.

Photos and videos

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